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Hi there! I'm Leia and I just kinda tend to reblog things.

I'm a college student who likes a bunch of things such as Arthur, science, math, Harry Potter, Eurovision, and Neopets. I also really like K-pop, but most of it goes onto my side blogs, some of which you can find along the side over here.

My icon was drawn by Jamie (twloserblog) who's the cutest papoose ever. My sidebar image was made by neopianlyfe.

Sometimes I reblog mushy stuff so feel free to block the tag #Leia becomes a sap.


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i know its supposed to be like social list but did anyone think this through

organize the things you love, like the economy

collaborate in the workplace

share lists, photos, and the means of production

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I’ll probably just wear T-shirts forever.

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The inside of my head is a bunch of memes
—My student who told us that he comes from 4chan

*avoids the internet and people in real life until they stop talking about the concert she was supposed to go to but had to miss because she got this job*

He called me a mudblood.

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Corey, I know you’re a mod of that subreddit. No one’s judging you or your love of ron paul fanfiction.

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