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Hi there! I'm Leia and I just kinda tend to reblog things.

I'm a college student who likes a bunch of things such as Arthur, science, math, Harry Potter, Eurovision, and Neopets. I also really like K-pop, but most of it goes onto my side blogs, some of which you can find along the side over here.

My icon was drawn by Jamie (twloserblog) who's the cutest papoose ever. My sidebar image was made by neopianlyfe.

Sometimes I reblog mushy stuff so feel free to block the tag #Leia becomes a sap.



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chicken tacos > beef tacos, all day erry day.



actually veggie tacos with veggie crumbles are the best bye

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mjaozedong is one of the sweetest people ever okay

me: talk dirty to me
the bae: viddy here you starry ptitsa, care for a bit of old in and out?
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Track: Dangerous

Artist: Big Data

Album: 1.0


Big Data - Dangerous (Feat. Joywave)

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Track: Holiday

Artist: Green Day

Album: American Idiot

Hear the sound of the falling rain 
Coming down like an Armageddon flame

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im really tired of europeans on here reblogging posts about racism in america and adding shocked disapproving comments like “get it together america lol” as if there isn’t an enormous amount of racism in europe and as if it wasn’t the europeans that first colonized the new world that planted the seed of racism in north america

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Lana looks so different

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what a beautiful day to not be in high school

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